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Cookies Policy

« does not use cookies nor any other way to get information about customers and visitors that visit our web.

We are focused on providing tech solutions with a high degree of stability to our customers. We are in a continous process of selecting most useful tools to develop our activity.
We do not spent time in obtain information and results that would be done using cookies because we think that our customers wish we invest our time to offer them better it solutions.

However we use third party technology that sets cookies in your browser: Oracle and Youtube.

Cookies from Oracle:

Cookies that Oracle sets are ORA_WWV_RAC_INSTANCE, ORA_WWV_APP_* (* replaced by number) and BIGipServeradc-apex_oracle_com_http because Oracle needs to know the use of its product Oracle APEX.

Cookies from Youtube:

Cookies that Youtube sets are remote_sid, YSC, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, and PREF because Youtube needs to know user preferences as his id and could know the use of its product Youtube.

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