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Hardware & Software to run your business applications.
Cloud Computing.

We build the infraestructure that your business needs to run your apps in a secure manner and during 24 hours per day.

We use Dell servers and virtualization technology from VMWare and Oracle.

We select Open Source software you can trust to reduce your licensing costs.

We trust on Oracle Linux as secure operating system to host all your information.

We optimize your system using Cloud technology from Amazon and Oracle. That reduce to maximum energy costs and serve your apps to your partners and customers.

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Your information protected.
Internet used only for business.

We create security infraestructure following a 3 layers model which would protect critical information from your organization.

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We secure remote access to your data using Firewalls based on Linux as SmoothWall and Zentyal.

We protect your network enabling internet filtering and avoiding a bad use of mail and social networks.

We use PC Virtualization to control access to USB devices which are source of malware, viruses, and even information vulnerability.

We audit your network to confirm that all security rules and running properly and that not exist malware running without being detected by standard antivirus tools.

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Web 2.0 development that interacts with your actual applications.
Oracle Technology & Oracle APEX 5 used.

We develop web 2.0 secure apps using Oracle Application Express 5 that runs inside an Oracle 11g R2 or Oracle 12c R1 database.

We select Oracle 11g R2 Express Edition, entry level database from Oracle and with free license, to develop basic apps and even for business that do not need more capacity inside their database.

In our apps we include advanced functionality as mail from database, customer reporting, scheduler jobs.

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