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IT Consulting

Selection of technology that adapts to your business requirements.

All technologies do not adapt well to your business model and that is why you must trust on a partner able to see the results of a project before starting it.

We study your needs and offer a solution that you can maintain and return results. We define our projects taking a resonable margin to grow your system. To make technology adapt to your business and grow as your company expands.


Applications infraestructure development

Virtualization using IBM and Dell servers using VMware ESXi and Oracle VM. Cloud Computing.

Our main activity is web 2.0 development but for us it is very important to design and manage all system infraestructure to guarantee high performance and easy maintenance.

We build virtualized infraestructure at server level using VMWare ESXi 5.1 and Oracle VM Server 3.0 with IBM and Dell Xeon 64 bits servers over we install a Oracle Linux 6 virtual machine that hosts Oracle 11g R2 database.

At desktop level we prefer Dell Optiplez or even Vostro systems to run VirtualBox, MS Virtual PC and over them we design a Windows virtual system oriented to solve office tasks, giving it security and easy maintenance.


Cloud Computing

Systems to cloud migrations. Cloud management on Amazon and Oracle. Projects driven to your needs.

Cloud Computing gives your business technology with lower energy costs, investment, and with a higher availability of data and use of applications on mobility.

We already work on cloud: we need mail, send electronic forms to government, our providers serve us using web online, our web works as other sales man.

We manage cloud services from Amazon and Oracle and we offer to you replace your business old static web by a modern web 2.0 app that will serve to manage your business and to attend your partners and customers.


System security development

Firewalls and internet content filtering. Network auditing.

Your system is full time connected to internet and this represents a constant risk produced by viruses that came in from mail or malware that installs without our permission.

In case you hire our services to build all your infraestructure of applications we manage system security using Linux technology and open source software to get a low cost of licensing.

If we do not develop your system we try to adapt security you need without altering actual architecture.

We protect your system using firewalls based on Linux, configured in closed mode, and with internet content filtering that give us mail protection against viruses and avoids that malware would connect to internet without our control.

We guarantee that your staff would use internet only for business installing a proxy or a internet content filtering.


iOS Development

iPhone/iPad apps development.

It is important to access your information on mobility. We develop native iOS apps for iPhone/iPad that runs alone on your device or even connected to your database using web services.

Applications that are sold through Apple App Store have been reached high quality controls before been accepted. You can trust on results will be satisfactory.


Web 2.0 applications

Applications developed using Oracle Application Express 5 inside Oracle 11g R2 or 12c Database.

We do custom development to achieve special requirements of your business. We use Oracle Application Express, the framework from Oracle that produces web 2.0 software, stable and secure.

Applications with web 2.0 technology that are accesible using every browser from your business network or even from internet. They are accesible using any device as PCs, tablets, smartphones.

Access to data allways will be guaranteed by security given by an Oracle Database and by validation processes of users when login in system with Oracle APEX.

You will be sure that there will not have information filtering and also you will achieve rules implied in LOPD law.



Teaching courses adapted to the technology that your business runs.

It is very important a staff with a solid knowledge of the tools the use in their diary work to get business results as soon as possible without incidents.

If your staff have not receive enough training your business stops while small incidents reached and you must ask for support.

We manage training courses designed specifically for your business and we manage then with charge to social security accounts of Fundación Tripartita.


Advanced Training

Training courses oriented to IT Professionals. We make professionals evolution.

We do advanced training in web technologies, databases, and mainly products from Oracle to freelance professionals and IT Departments staff of our customers.

Our courses are allways on site that are hired specially for those events or even at offices from our customers.

We design courses thinking about last market tendences of technology and those we use in our portfolio of services.


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