Technology is not perfect. If you are here you need our help.

Register your incident at
or send a mail to

Access to Customer Control Panel Internet Access Speed Test

Remote control from Windows Remote control from OSX Ask for tech support on web » Mail to help desk »

"Your technology will not run at speed you would want,
it will do at speed you pay for."Anonymous Technology Asociation

"We have not developed Windows, do not blame us for its problems,
we just help you to use it and to solve incidents."TECNICA24 Support Team

"A good data set is the source for
a better running application." TECNICA24 Development Team

If you have a contract support, please register your tech support item through customer support help desk web.

If you do not have support contract, please send a mail to help desk explaining as detailed you can the incident your system presents.

We attend your requirement as son as possible depending on your support contract. Keep in mind that we spent 24/48 hours to start solving issues for customers without a contract. For customers with contract response time depends on our service level agreement.

Ask for support clicking on "Remote Control" button, you will launch ANYDESK which will create your user ID and password that you may report to us to control your computer.

(ANYDESK does not install in your computer and does not need administrator priviledges)

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