We have developed √Ęp'box.

All technology you need to run Oracle APEX applications in a server box we share with our customers.

Technical Information

Technology we integrate in our projects.

We select open source technology to reduce licensing costs in our projects. Our policy is to achieve that our customers made investment in technology that really use. We do maintenance tasks of all software and optionally manage technical support directly from its providers.

Technical Information


Oracle Database

Database we use because of its stability and advanced functionality. It includes rad framework Oracle APEX and Express Edition version is free and used in basic projects and for demoing pourposes. «

Oracle Application Express

Framework development that is ready in Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Service.
It produces secured applications that runs in any browser. Looking at other options like PHP/MySQL, APEX represents a very important advance in speed development.

We are using new version Oracle APEX 5. In next video you can see new modern UI of Oracle APEX 5. «

Oracle Linux 6

We select Linux as open source operating system to reduce licensing costs to our customers.
From all Linux distributions we selected Oracle Linux 6 because of based in RedHat and by its open source license.
Its stability and lower resources requirements makes it necesary in cloud computing scenarios and it is the best alied of an Oracle Database. Includes SELinux that makes the system secured at high level. Also, as unique characteristic, includes a kernel that can be patched without stoping the system or reboot the server. «

Oracle VM 3.0

We develop virtualized systems based on Oracle VM Server.
Whenever resources are enough virtualization of operating systems reduce maintenance tasks and optimize server resources.
Oracle VM Server is based in Xen, one of the best virtualization platforms based in Linux. «

VMWare ESXi 5.1

VMWare is a probed virtualization platform that also is licensed as free version in ESXi.
To select VMWare or Oracle VM is a complicated task but we use to integrate all technology from Oracle. If our customer has an VMWare solution we include our virtual servers easily. «

SmoothWall 3

SmoothWall 3 is an open source firewall. It also has commercial licensing for those business with critical systems that needs and advanced maintenance and support.
We prefer to use virtual firewalls based on Linux to obtain resources optimization and easily maintenance. There will be more easy to reinstall a virtual firewall that to repair a hardware based one that it is not based on PC technology. «


We prefer WireShark when needed a deep network analisys to look forward internal malware that is running without being detected by software antivirus. It is an open source project with a solid foundation very used by community.
Network analisys that it gives is trusted and we use together with managed switches from DLink. «

Zentyal 3

Zentyal is an open source project that develops a linux based server for small business companys. It is based on Ubuntu which is also a Debian implementation, maybe the best linux distribution with Oracle Linux.
Zentyal's goal is to cover all needs from small business in file servers, print servers, firewall, and more. We usually use it as internet content filtering to secure network access. «

Web 2.0 applications

We develop web 2.0 secure applications using Oracle APEX 4.2. They are accesible using any browser from any device and able to run from your own datacenter or office even cloud computing as Oracle Cloud service. We integrate in them reporting services and mail facility inside database. Applications run alerts defined by user that generate reports that are sended to their users by mail.



Postfix is the open source mail server that most linux distributions integrate in. It has a high level of fiability that makes us to select it as a principal in mail services we include in our applications that we develop with Oracle APEX 4.2 and which can deliver mail directly from inside database using processes. «

JasperServer 5.2.0

JasperServer is a report server and business intelligence tool from JasperSoft. We integrate it together with our applications as a report engine inside Oracle APEX 4.2. «

GlassFish 4

Glassfish is the open source application server developed by community and Oracle. We integrate it in our applications to give support to Oracle APEX Listener and to achieve a better performance by our Oracle APEX 4.2 applications. «

Apex Listener

Oracle APEX Listener is an alternative to Oracle HTTP Server based in J2EE platform. It replaces the use of a web server like Apache or Oracle HTTP Server to acomplish a better speed in Oracle APEX by cache of static content served to client browser. «


We trust on DELL and in its family of 12th generation of servers that comes with rack and towers models using 64 bits technology. They are certified to be used in virtualization platforms from VMWare and Oracle VM. «


APC is a main provider of power supplies to be integrated in your datacenter or office. The online power supplies guarantee a constant power and also check battery status as they run. «


APC is also a provider of racks of any scale. They build racks that covers all heights and adapt to any business and budget. «

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